Public Information Office

Trooper Times

The Kodiak Area Native Association, one of the 10 grantees that employ Village Public Safety Officers, recently purchased a submersible remote operating vehicle equipped with a video camera, sonar and claw attachment. Recognizing the need statewide, through its partnership with the Alaska Department of Public Safety and the VPSO Program, KANA gave the ROV to the VPSO program for deployment to parts of the state to aid in search and rescues in murky rivers and lakes. Read Full Story

Personal Locator Beacons

Eight years ago, a visitor in the Ketchikan area pressed his “help” button on his personal beacon after breaking his leg at a lakeside cabin. The Ketchikan Volunteer Rescue Squad flew to the GPS coordinates that accompanied the beacon activation - saving both the injured man and searchers valuable time in getting him needed care. This compelled KVRS to start a free beacon loaner program aimed at cutting down response time for rescues. This loaner program, one of the few in the state, is beneficial for both the adventurer, who could be in a precarious life or death situation, and rescuer, by cutting down the time volunteers are exposed to elements and terrain during a search and rescue. It also greatly reduces the cost of a search for the volunteer organization that relies on donations to pay for rescues that it provides free of charge. Read Full Story